List Preferences for List Owners

  1. Start on your list page: and click on the name of a list under List Name where have the roll of owner.
  2. You will see the info page for your list. Click on settings.

  3. You can change info on the List Identity page as you like. Next go to Automatic Responses.

  4. Scroll to the bottom and change Admin immed notify and Notify admin of membership changes to Yes if they are not already set to that and click Save Changes.

  5. You’ll notice on that page you a spot for Welcome message and Goodbye message. We are still working on a way for you to edit that. It is coming. Scroll back up to the top and click on Message Acceptance. You will see something that looks like:

  6. We recommend that you set Administrivia to yes. Set Default action to take when a member posts to the list to Accept immediately, unless you have a post only list, then set it to Hold for Moderation. Set the Default action to take when a non-member posts to the list to Hold for Moderation. This will help you prevent spam from posting to your list. Click Save changes. You will see at the top:

  7. Ignore that error. It is because you didn’t set an Acceptable alias, which you very likely don’t want to do.

  8. You can then poke around and reset items or add information. You can approve Subscription requests under Subscription requests, and Messages under Held Messages.