RootsWeb Mailing List FAQ

I already had a login and a password, why do I need to sign up again?

The original Mailing List system was built on code that was more than 15 years old and it was way past time to update it. We kept your email address (of course!) but it is time to verify those emails and make sure everyone has an updated password.

Where do I go to sign up?

Start on the Lists page ( and click on Signup in the upper right hand corner. Don’t use the same password as before. Don’t use the same password you used in the old mailing lists system. Don’t use your Ancestry password or your bank password. You know the rules: Be safe!!! Look for your confirmation email. You will find illustrated instructions here:

This is a completely different login than your RootsWeb or Ancestry login.

Where is my confirmation email and what do I do with it?

After you sign up, you will receive an email. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, you may want to sign up with a Gmail, Outlook or some other major provider and then add in your other email later.

Once you get your confirmation email, click on the link and click on confirm. You should be set.

I’m subscribed under multiple E-mail addresses. Do I need an account for each one?

You can have multiple emails under one account. Once you’re logged in, click on your login name in the upper-right corner. You will see Account, Mailman Settings and Posting Activity. Click on Account. There are 4 tabs: Account, Change Password, E-mail Addresses, Account Connections. Click on E-mail Addresses.

Fill in the email you want to add where it says Add E-Mail Address and click Add E-mail. Click the radio button by the email you just added and click on “Re-send Verification” to get the Verification email.

Do NOT remove an email unless you want it removed from your account and the lists you subscribe to! There is no undo.

On my account page I can’t reset my time zone!

The time zone refers to where the mail servers live. You can’t change it.

Where can I see all my posts?

Once you are logged in, you can go to this URL: This interface is very helpful in finding a thread you want to reply to.

Where are all my subscriptions?

Once you are logged in, you can go to this URL:

Every list you are subscribed to will be listed. There are 4 columns:

  1. List Name – click on this link to find a description of the list, a link to the archives, a link to manage your subscription, and an Unsubscribe button.
  2. Subscription address – If you have more than email address, this shows you which one you are subscribed under.
  3. Roles – you can be a subscriber, moderator and/or owner of a list.
  4. List-based preferences – this allows you to change your preferences for a specific list and the email you used to subscribe to it

What preferences should I set?

We recommend you first start with Global Mail preferences. Go to this URL when you are logged in:

We Suggest:

Once you are set for all your lists, you can then go into a given list and change the settings for a specific list. To do that, go to : and click on the list name in the List-based preferences column.

You can also set your preferences per email address, if you have more than email address registered to your account:

Some people like to receive only digests at one email, and individual emails at another.

I don’t see my question answered here.

If you have further questions not addressed here, please email