Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists: Wyoming

wyalbany Albany County, Wyoming.
wybighor Big Horn County, Wyoming.
wycampbe Campbell County, Wyoming.
wycarbon Carbon County, Wyoming.
wy-census-lookup (inactive) A mailing list for anyone desiring a check of this state's census records for their ancestors. Requests should be as specific as possible and include county name, specific family of interest, and year whenever possible. In addition, those who own or have access to census records and are willing to do lookups are asked to subscribe and assist in responding to queries.
wyconver (inactive) Converse County, Wyoming.
wycrook Crook County, Wyoming.
wy-freedmen A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in Freedmen in Wyoming from all ethnic backgrounds (e.g., African, Native American, Caucasian).
wyfremon Fremont County, Wyoming.
wy-ghosttowns (inactive) A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest in the ghost towns of Wyoming.
wygoshen Goshen County, Wyoming.
wyhotspr Hot Springs County, Wyoming. Interested individuals may want to check out the Hot Springs County WYGenWeb page at
wy-indian-cemeteries (inactive) A mailing list for those searching for their Wyoming Native American ancestors. Many of the cemeteries have been destroyed over the years and with others' help, possibly this list will help find lost Indian ancestors.
wy-indian-tribes A mailing list for anyone researching their Indian ancestors to discuss and share information regarding Indian tribes that lived in or traveled through Wyoming.
wyjohnso Johnson County, Wyoming.
wylarami Laramie County, Wyoming.
wylincol Lincoln County, Wyoming.
wymining (inactive) miners and the mining industry in Wyoming.
wynatron Natrona County, Wyoming.
wyniobra Niobrara County, Wyoming.
wy-old-news A mailing list for the submission of abstracts, extracts and links from Wyoming newspapers published prior to 1931. Newspapers contain much of the information that may not be found elsewhere such as births, marriages, deaths, court notices, etc. They also provide community news and many fascinating details about the lives of our ancestors. Additional information can be found on the Newspaper Abstracts website below:
wyoming (inactive) the State of Wyoming.
wyoming-home (inactive) A companion list to the WYGenWeb project ( This is an open list with a "hometown" atmosphere for anyone with an interest or love of Wyoming. The main focus is genealogy and history. Yet, remembrances, fun stories, folklore, Wyoming heritage, family (past and present), and other topics such as fishing, hunting, ranching, hiking, and even the weather and recipes are frequent and encouraged.
wyoming-tttp State administration list for Wyoming Trails To The Past to communicate with county administrators.
wypark Park County, Wyoming.
wyplatte Platte County, Wyoming.
wysherid Sheridan County, Wyoming.
wysublet Sublette County, Wyoming.
wysweetw Sweetwater County, Wyoming.
wyteton Teton County, Wyoming.
wyuinta Uinta County, Wyoming.
wyvets (inactive) A mailing list for Veterans and their families, focused on general and genealogical interests and resources for Wyoming veterans from all branches of the armed forces and all wars or other military conflicts, as well as peacetime veterans.
wywashak Washakie County, Wyoming
wyweston Weston County, Wyoming.
wywindri the discussion of genealogical and related topics associated with the Wind River Indian Reservation located in northwestern Wyoming. This reservation is the home of the Shoshone and Arapaho Native American Nations; however, other Tribes in Wyoming will also be discussed on the list.