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Mailing Lists: Hawaii

hawaii (inactive) the state of Hawaii.
hi-census-lookup (inactive) A mailing list for anyone desiring a check of this state's census records for their ancestors. Requests should be as specific as possible and include county name, specific family of interest, and year whenever possible. In addition, those who own or have access to census records and are willing to do lookups are asked to subscribe and assist in responding to queries.
hi-footsteps (inactive) A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of original Hawaii source material for genealogical purposes. No queries are allowed.
hi-ghosttowns (inactive) A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the ghost towns of Hawaii.
hihawaii Hawaii County, Hawaii.
hihonolu Honolulu County, Hawaii.
hi-indian-tribes A mailing list for anyone researching their Indian ancestors to discuss and share information regarding Indian tribes that lived in or traveled through Hawaii.
hikalawa Kalawao County, Hawaii.
hikauai Kauai County, Hawaii.
himaui Maui County, Hawaii.
hi-old-news A mailing list for the submission of abstracts, extracts and links from Hawaii newspapers published prior to 1931. Newspapers contain much of the information that may not be found elsewhere such as births, marriages, deaths, court notices, etc. They also provide community news and many fascinating details about the lives of our ancestors. Additional information can be found on the Newspaper Abstracts website below: