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Mailing Lists: defunct

deiichler (inactive)
discovery2003-news (inactive) Closed by AB, not used, not needed
eng-lan-prescott (inactive) Prescott and surrounding parishes, including Rainsford, Lancashire, England.
fgs-tsgs-ags (inactive) NGS (National Genealogical Society) working list. Project list removed at request of list administrator. HelpDesk #316303 4 Oct 2004 Betty H. Dunquez <>
freeukgen-core (inactive) not used by project, mothballed -- ab 20060415
gen-friends handed over by VLT in closed down form. -- ab 20040626
gentech-lexml (inactive) List closed down -- ab 20050328 From: <> To: "Andrew Billinghurst" <> Subject: RootsWeb mailing list administration Date sent: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 09:57:37 -0700 Hi Andrew, Apparently I was involved in the administration of the GENTECH-LEXML list back in 2002 or before. I'm still receiving subscribe messages. I haven't been associated with GENTECH since July 2002. I do not know who should be administering this list (it's apparently dead anyway), but I would like to terminate any involvement I have with it. Can you do two things for me? 1. Remove me from whatever administration role I'm in? 2. Let me know who the current administrator(s) is? I can contact someone at the National Genealogical Society if they need to get us updated information. I really suspect that the thing is just a forgotten list and should be turned off.
gt04-team (inactive) Hi - We are finished with this list. Please shut it down. Thanks so much! Cyndi
iga_net (inactive) Function not known, only two posts and both by listmaster looking for admin. Terminated -- ab 20050210
junk (inactive)
jupiter (inactive) A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Jupiter surname and variations in any place and at any time. Jupiter---dunno if I mentioned this one before. Has no posts, John dug up the original request and it was #JUPITER nonesurname. So no idea what it's supposed to be. As it's had no posts in three years, recommend kill. Removed - ab 20040524
ky-owsley-co-historical-society (inactive) List closed at request of society From: "Sherry Frazier" <> To: <> Subject: Owsley County Historical Society Date sent: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 17:14:55 -0600 <> is no longer in business on Roots Web we are a historical society and have removed our list from your site. Please remove us from your mailing list. Thank you Sherry Frazier President Owsley County Historical Society Discussing and sharing of information regarding the activities of the Owsley County (Kentucky) Historical Society and genealogical resources available in the Owsley County area. Additional information can be found on the Owlsey County Historical Society website.
la-lghs-board (inactive)
magical-practices (inactive)
mannager (inactive)
mediumship (inactive)
mennobits A mailing list for those volunteers who are transcribing Mennonite/Amish obituaries spanning the years 1864-1998 in support of the Mennobit Project to discuss their activities. Other interested researchers are also welcome. Additional information can be found on the Mennobits web site at Open to transcribers for the project, those who desire to become one, and family researchers interested in these lines.
metaphysical-christianity (inactive)
meteorology (inactive)
military-families (inactive)
military-history (inactive)
model-trains (inactive)
mothers-without-custody (inactive)
movies (inactive)
msfhs (inactive) List been long abandoned and no one from society obvious to take it over. No traffic, send it to god.
ms-northcrest-baptist (inactive)
multiple-sclerosis (inactive)
muscle-cars (inactive)
music (inactive)
mystery-cozy (inactive)
nc-jc-reunion (inactive) # email from admins says that this list is defunct and no longer required. Mothballed. --ab 20060430 A mailing list for the fostering of ideas for the implementation of a Johnston County, North Carolina Genealogy Week. This event is scheduled for the week of July 4th from 2001 on. Individuals interested in participating, providing ideas or lending any kind of support are more than welcome to join the list.
needlework (inactive)
neopc (inactive)
new-england-history (inactive)
nostalgia-tv (inactive)
ns-cemetery-project (inactive) A mailing list for the volunteers supporting the Nova Scotia, Canada, Cemetery Project by gathering and collating information on the people interred in Nova Scotia cemeteries. ## list not part of project, to be removed. ## ab 20051023
palatine made defunct 20050730 unsure whether archives exist or not.
pasomers Somerset Co., PA
problemdesk (inactive) staff used list that is no longer used inactive made defunct -- ab 20060409
prodigy-orphans (inactive)
rootsmate-users (inactive) made defunct as another list in place -- ab 20060412 Software name has been changed to RootsMagic. Please see ROOTSMAGIC list description for more information.
rowe-team (inactive) Closed down 6 Mar 2004 ab No posts in archive. Superfluous.
rsl-edit (inactive)
studygroup (inactive)
ta-staff (inactive)
test14h (inactive)
testlists5 (inactive)
test-lists5 (inactive)
ufo-sightings (inactive)
uk-liverpool-alsop-hs (inactive)
usgw-rights (inactive) A committee list for USGenWeb
us-history (inactive)
va-annandale-hs (inactive)
vegetarian (inactive)
vicki-list (inactive)
vietnam-vets (inactive)
zoos (inactive)