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Mailing Lists: RootsWeb Support

aolers-rootsweb A mailing list for AOL users at RootsWeb who often have specific needs and specific issues or may need specific information. This list is for user-supported self help. The goal is to prevent RootsWeb mail from being blocked by AOL by providing AOL subscribers with accurate information about using RootsWeb.
boards-admins A mailing list for the discussion of message board administrator issues. The list is reserved for message board administrators as registered.
boards-users A mailing list to help you learn how to use the Rootsweb message boards (Query, Bible, Biography, Birth, Cemetery, Census, Death, Deed, Immigration, Lookup, Marriage, Military, Obituary, Pension, Will) effectively, to answer any questions you may have with regard to the proper posting of queries and documents to the boards, and to help you use the Surname search field to aid you in finding information of interest to you on the boards.
freepages-help Freepages Web Sites
list-development (inactive) A mailing list for RootsWeb's development of mailing lists and support tools in a structured discussion forum. Main areas of discussions will be mailing list features, administrative tools, archives and related subjects. This list will have a convenor who will maintain a structure to allow for detailed discussion of ideas and to coordinate the 'workshopping' of ideas and the production of proposals.
listowners Listowners list for Rootsweb list admins and moderators
newbie-listowner This mailing list is intended for the use of new list owners to ask questions and receive replies from other list owners about administering their lists. Messages posted to this list are NOT archived.
newsroom-announcement An announcements only list that will report new articles from the RootsWeb Newsroom, .
pml-users (inactive) RootsWeb's Personalised Mailing List ( is a service for sponsors and above. This list is a self-help users list where strategies are discussed and views exchanged.
rootsweb-help Website help