Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists: Research Techniques

advanced-research A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding genealogy research techniques for the intermediate to advance researcher. Discussion topics will include techniques and methodologies used to resolve brick wall problems, as well as exploring the use of difficult original sources, such as tax rolls and similar types of documents.
blind-genealogists A mailing list for those who are blind or have very poor eyesight where they can communicate with other researchers with the same disability and help each other in the research of their family tree as well as the problems encountered during their research efforts. Most subscribers will be using the talking computer software and problems related to the use of this software may also be discussed.
brick-walls A list for all genealogical dead end research, when you hit a brick wall and know nothing known beyond these barriers. We'll be sharing techniques, ideas and possible solutions to get beyond those walls.
citingsources (inactive) A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding how to cite and document sources associated with genealogical research efforts.
decipher (inactive) A mailing list for deciphering handwriting associated with genealogical documents. Any subscriber may post a link to an online image requesting assistance with deciphering the document. This list is also used to post
disabled-genies (inactive) This list is for genealogists who have disabilities that sometimes make researching difficult. This is a place to meet and network, and allow us to let others know of new devices and software that come into the market.
familysearch (inactive) Designed to assist anyone with questions regarding use of the Internet for searching Family History. The Familysearch internet site and others are discussed for genealogical research such as searching, downloading, contributing, cross-referencing and microfilm numbers, and basic "getting started" questions are also discussed and welcomed. Surname specific research is not discussed. This list generates 10 to 20 messages daily, so choose the appropriate delivery mode.
gen-courtrecords A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of genealogical information that can be gleaned from county, state and federal court cases through the use of legal case reports books, law digests and actual case files, with emphasis on legal terminology and how to access such records.
genealogyforkids A mailing list for youngsters to discuss anything having to do with genealogy.
genealogy-websites A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding genealogy websites that state that family researchers can initially subscribe for free and then charge researchers for posting a message.
name-change A mailing list for anyone with a family that changed its surname, whether or not official documents show the change. Topics will include how the surnames changed, why the surnames changed, and ways to discover the reasons for the change.
proresearchers A list just for professional researchers to discuss their industry. Some topics include: How to advertise services? How to collect on bad accounts? What accounting package to use? How to become certified?
record-preservation (inactive) A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the preservation of historical records.
research-howto (inactive) A list for those who are just getting started in genealogy research and those who are not novices but need information on where to go when "dead ends" are encountered. This list will deal with such things as courts' records, other official documents, ships' logs, genealogy societies, on-line databases, web Pages, mailing lists, historical societies, libraries dedicated to genealogy, locations of LDS Genealogy Centers, and any other subjects that arise in the discussion of Genealogy Tips, Tricks, Methods, Techniques, etc. Surname searches or any other specific ancestor searches are not an appropriate topic for this list.
research-trip (inactive) A list for anyone who is planning a research trip to share tips and discuss all aspects of logistics, resources, and accomodations.