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Mailing Lists: Newsletters

cyndislist A read-only list (only the list owner can post) to provide users of the Cyndi's List web site at with daily site updates, number of new/updated links, names of updated categories, answers to frequently asked questions, and descriptions of new features or improvements.
dearmyrtle (inactive) A read only mailing list for dissemination of DearMYRTLE's Daily Genealogy Column that provides practical, down-to-earth advice for all genealogists.
family-newsletters A mailing list for the discussing and sharing of information about starting and maintaining Family Newsletter.
treetops-news A mailing list created to go hand in hand with the Tree Tops Family Tree and We'll Meet Again Query service which is broadcast on SKY NEWS TV throughout the UK, Ireland & Europe and also on CHANNEL 5 (UK) TEXT Pages 488 & 489, thus increasing exposure to the general public. The owner receives messages from all over the globe and the list will provide news to users and those interested in the service. More details are avaliable on the Tree Tops Web Page below:
treetops-overseas The ***NEW*** FREE service from Tree Tops aimed at those who are researching in the areas which are not covered by the British Television Teletext (UK, Ireland and Europe). This is a read-only list. To send messages to TREETOPS-OVERSEAS send them to Carol at with TT/O in the Subject line. These messages will be collated and posted to the list once a week and will include an email address. More details are available on the Tree Tops Web Page below: