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Mailing Lists: Ethnic-Dutch

dutch-midwest (inactive) the ancestors and descendants of the Dutch immigrants (ca.1850 to WWI) who settled in the Chicago (Roseland) and South Holland, Illinois area and other Dutch 'colonies' in the surrounding states.
dutch-surnames (inactive) A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding Dutch and Flemish surnames and given names. Flemish, the language of Flanders in Belgium, is included since it is a variant of Dutch.
nydutch People who emigrated from the Netherlands and settled in New York State after 1800.
titus-dutch (inactive) the TITUS surname that is linked to the Netherlands (not the English line). In particular, the focus of the list is on the descendants of Titus Syrach DeVries who changed the surname to Titus in the 1600's after settling in the New Netherlands (New York).