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Mailing Lists: Census-UK

1911-census-help (inactive) A mailing list for people that need help understanding and reading the United Kingdom 1911 census records covering the census areas of England and Wales. Lookup requests for this census will not be allowed.
durham-1891 A mailing list for the volunteers who are transcribing the 1891 census for the county of Durham, United Kingdom, to discuss project efforts. If you are currently supporting the project, or desire to participate in project efforts, send a message to Kim Bewick at describing your current or desired efforts and requesting that you be added to the list.
london1891 A mailing list for the volunteers who are transcribing the surnames from the 1891 census to submit their inputs. The ultimate goal is to have all of these surnames on the web in a searchable form. While the list is open to everyone, postings that are not submissions from transcribers are prohibited. Additional information can be found on the London 1891 Census website at which includes progress charts, links to the publishers of the Census, etc.
uk-1901-census A mailing list for users of the online 1901 census for the United Kingdom to discuss all aspects of the census including tips, anecdotes and advice.
uk-1911-census The UK 1911 Census is not as yet released. The purpose of this mailing list is to encourage discussion on the pros and cons of the divers activities underway to achieve its early release, and to discuss any other aspect of the UK 1911 Census. This list does not address actual details from the UK 1911 Census.
uk-1921-census A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding all aspects of the 1921 United Kingdom census including availability.
uk-census-helpers A mailing list for the transcribers and other workers involved in the UK Census Transcription Project to discuss project efforts. Additional information on the project can be found at the url below. If you are participating in project activities or desire to volunteer for these activities, you can subscribe as described below.
uk-yks-1901-census A mailing list for persons interested in or taking part in the transcribing of the 1901 census for the county of Yorkshire, England.