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Mailing Lists: Administrative

anz-admins List-admins for Australian and New Zealand geographic lists.
arcen (inactive) USGW Archives Census Project (Arkansas)
ballengee (inactive) I would like to known who my mom and dad are.
bel-r-mt (inactive) BEL-R-MT is the ADMINISTRATIVE mailing list, used for the communication between the members of the BELGIUM-ROOTS Management Team.
bel-r-st (inactive) BEL-R-ST is the ADMINISTRATIVE mailing list, that WILL be used for the communication between the members of the BELGIUM-ROOTS Support Team.
billtest Test list
brown_early_to_new_england (inactive) The focus of the list is the genealogy of surname BROWN in New England, especially the early immigrants in the 16th and 17th Centuries. The list is open to anyone, worldwide, who is interested in these BROWNs.
bwo (inactive) Books We Own volunteers' list
ca-cgssd-board (inactive) Made private and archiving to be removed at the request of Gary Hoffman. Requirement omitted at time of request. -ab 20040121
cchelper (inactive)
cchelper-announce (inactive)
cens_assist (inactive)
cens_cart (inactive)
census (inactive)
census-org (inactive)
census-tech (inactive)
co-windsor-museum (inactive)
dayga (inactive) Joseph Day was a member of the GA State Legislature and was a noted judge in GA. My focus would be to establish contact with his descendants and share genealogy information. This list would be used by his descendants
gatewaytesting (inactive) This is a staff-only list designed to assist in testing the Message Board Mailing List Gateway.
gen-admin Administrative list restricted to managers of the lists which mirror the soc.genealogy.* and alt.genealogy newsgroups.
genealogy-cd (inactive)
genkind-coord (inactive) A list for coordinators - not archived.
gentech-council (inactive) GENTECH advisory council discussions
golden-gate (inactive) A read-only mailing list for the promulgation of information of general interest related to the Golden Gate Genealogy Forum including AOL and web-based resources and activities. It is expected that the list will be very low volume.
lacen (inactive) USGenWeb Archives Census Project (Lousiana)
lds-ward-consultant the use of ward and stake genealogy consultants and specialists of the Latter-day Saints (LDS) Church to exchange suggestions, guidelines, data, etc. related to their duties. This list is not sponsored by the LDS Church.
listowners-engwls This list is only open to list admins (and their deputies) of RootsWeb lists covering England and Wales, and such others as are invited to subscribe by the list administrator.
lon1891admin (inactive) A mailing list for the volunteers who are transcribing the surnames from the 1891 census to discuss the project and request assistance from other project volunteers. Actual submissions should be posted to the LONDON1891 mailing list described below. While the list is open to everyone, surname queries and other postings that are not directly related to and supportive of the project are prohibited. Additional information can be found on the London 1891 Census website at which includes progress charts, links to the publishers of the Census, etc.
melissalist (inactive) Test list
miketest Test list
millslcmd (inactive) This list is for descendants of the 18th century Mills family of Licking Creek, MD. It is intended to 1) build family contacts among living descendants; 2) stimulate genealogical research into the origins of this family; 3) pursue DNA research linking t
mo-ahgp (inactive) A mailing list for the State and County Coordinators of the Missouri American History and Genealogy Project (MO-AHGP) to discuss project activities.
mochat (inactive) MOGenWeb SC and CC's chat list.
mschat (inactive) MSGenWeb internal use only
ncgenweb (inactive) NCGenWeb Internal use only.
ngs-gentech (inactive)
north-eng-admin (inactive)
nycen (inactive) USGenWeb Archives Census Project (New York)
nytalk NYGenWeb internal use
ok-it OKGenWeb/ITGenWeb administrative use.
or-linncensus-1890 (inactive) Project list of the Linn County 1890 Census Reconstruction Project.
porter_winnparish (inactive) I am trying to trace the Porter family out of Winn Parish containing George Washington Porter 1909-1966. Please feel free to email with any information. PORTER_WINNPARISH porter_winnparish \"Brie
rwstaff (inactive) This list is for RW Staff.
sc-pickens-vols (inactive)
sog-uk-issues (inactive) A private list for management of the Society of Genealogists based in London.
state-cens-lookup-admin (inactive) A mailing list, primarily for the owners of the state census lookup lists though no one is excluded, for discussion and announcements pertaining to the lists. The lists themselves are populated by volunteer subscribers who attempt to answer requests from other subscribers for lookups in census databases.
surhelper (inactive)
surnames-admin (inactive) Administrative list restricted to the manager and co-moderators of the 7 surnames-* lists which mirror the soc.genealogy.surnames.* newsgroups. This list gets email from users who need help in posting. Answers are sent by email.
synthesis (inactive)
test This list is for Staff testing and function interfacing.
tombproj (inactive)
uk-census-chat A mailing list for the volunteers supporting the UK-Census project to discuss project efforts. Additional information can be found on the UK Census Online website at
uk-census-coord A mailing list for the County Coordinators of the UK Census Transcription Project to discuss day-to-day project activities. Additional information on the project can be found at the url below. If you are a County Coordinator or desire to adopt a county in support of the project, you can subscribe by sending a message to David Newbury at stating the county you are coordinating or desire to coordinate and requesting that you be added to the list.
uk-census-exec UK Census transcription administrative use
uk-census-scratchpad (inactive) We have Exec list, we need something for 2nd layer admin stuff for Country coords and additional tech staff, to keep this away from purely Exec stuff
usarch-cwpension (inactive)
vatroutdale (inactive) This list focuses on the families and history of Troutdale, Virginia, a small town in Grayson County.
wi-archivist (inactive) WIGenWeb Archives internal use